Welcome to our new Pathfinder campaign home! Have a quick Q&A session

Why here?

  1. This website is awesome. I know no place more fitting to log our campaign and keep in touch. Notice the little tabs above. We can easily keep a running record of which days we will meet, where our adventure has gone, who we’ve met, etc.
  2. Facebook is an awful place to organize an RPG. Many of the important resources I’ve sent you guys have been buried. FB is great for chatting in real-time, but not much else. Actually, I’d recommend Skype over Facebook for chatting even.

Wait, is this site more for you than for me?

Absolutely not.
It will help me out a great deal—I’m pretty excited about the calendar and character sheets for instance—but everything will ultimately make your experience much more smooth and robust. I want the campaign world to seem alive even when we’re not sitting around the table and I want you guys to have easy permanent access to resources.

What kinds of stuff are you putting here for me then?

I’m going to update the wiki to include a living document of the awesome shit that the Internet has to offer. Resources like useful reference websites, character sheets, spell cards, apps, and other stuff will be posted and updated.

A house rules document will be updated as we go along.

The adventure log will allow us to stay fresh on the story of our campaign. After each session I’ll update it so if you were blackout drunk and forgot…well, then you get to read!

The Forums organize conversation into topics much better than a FB chat can. I encourage you to make both in-character and out-of-character topics.

How do I use this site?

Watch the little videos that pop up on each page. They are very good introductions to the mechanics of the site.
If those have disappeared for you, click on this link

To edit your character sheet:

  • click on the character tab (Or here)
  • click on your character’s name
  • Scroll to the bottom and click “Edit”
  • Towards the top of the page, you will see a little drop-down menu, select “Pathfinder Universal RPG Sheet”
  • Click on stuff and type in what you have on your character sheet. Fill out what you know.
  • Yay!


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